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Stress & energy


Stress is what happens when fear or anxiety become a constant state. The physiological effects include contracted muscles, increased heart rate and constricted breathing. The adrenal system is over taxed and blood pressure rises. Stress interferes with the body's natural flow of energy. It cuts down our available energy and forces us to function on adrenaline. Sound Therapy reduces the build up of stress beyond the level that is healthy for the body. The brain is calmed so obsessive thinking and mind chatter is reduced. A state that is closer to meditation can be achieved easily and retained throughout the day. Sound Therapy may help to reduce stress by replenishing brain energy with high frequency sound. When we have enough brain energy we can handle situations more easily and there is less need for stress. Sound Therapy users report that they can deal better with demanding situations requiring multi-tasking and fast responses but can feel serene while doing it.



Our energy level is determined by the functioning of chemical systems and nerve impulses throughout the body. Neural activity (the passage of information along our nerves) resembles electricity in several ways. The potential for excitation of the nerve synapses depends on the level of energy charge in the brain. The brain acts like a battery which is constantly being either charged or discharged. Dr Tomatis contends that the most important function of the ear is to charge the brain through the stimulation of sound. Failure of the ear to provide sufficient recharge to the brain results in fatigue and inefficient mental processes.


How can Sound Therapy help?

Sound Therapy gives us an opportunity to listen to healing, high frequency sounds even in the midst of a busy, noisy environment. Sound Therapy tapes use classical music which is filtered so that the low frequencies are progressively removed until only the sounds above 8,000 Hz remain. Listening to these tapes for three hours per day during normal daily activities may compensate for the draining, stressful effect of low frequency noise. Most listeners notice an effect on their energy and stress levels after six weeks to three months of listening. Some people do not have an immediately noticeable increase in energy, but observe a gradual change over time. Some may notice a seasonal difference. For instance, a listener who was normally exhausted by the summer heat found that with Sound Therapy her energy level remained high all summer.



Noise is one of the biggest contributors to stress and fatigue. The ear is directly linked by nerve paths to many other body organs so the sounds we hear have an immediate effect on our whole system. Dr Tomatis discovered that the ear is intended to hear mainly high frequency sounds, because most of the sensory cells in the inner ear are accumulated in the high frequency zone. It is the high frequency sounds which replenish the brain's energy and activate the cortex, improving our ability to think. Unfortunately, most of the sounds we hear in our mechanized, urbanized lifestyle are low frequency sounds. Traffic, factories, household appliances, refrigerators, fluorescent lights and even computers put out a low frequency drone which drains the brain of energy and causes stress. To remain healthy and fully charged, the brain must receive three billion stimuli per second for at least four and a half hours per day. This level of stimulation can only be achieved if the ear is regularly exposed to high frequency sound. Notice how different you feel after a day in natural surroundings, hearing only the high frequency sounds of nature - bird songs, wind and running water. These sounds stimulate the ear in a way that releases latent energy in the brain. The nervous system can then function more efficiently, reducing stress and increasing energy levels.

Information Sheet on how Sound Therapy can assist with Stress and Energy

Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge your Brain

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