Sound Therapy is an outstanding new technology designed for accessibility,  affordability and ease of use. Its potential health benefits are extensive and may include the following effects:

*  New vitality and sense of well being

*  Relief of tiredness and stress

*  Deep relaxation 
    and relief of anxiety

*  Heightened creativity 
    and mental capacity

*  Increased energy, 
    focus and performance

*  Deep, beneficial sleep 
    and an end to insomnia

*  Improved hearing for those with industrial deafness or hearing loss due to aging

*  Relief of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

*  Better balance and recovery from dizziness or vertigo

*  Improved concentration and learning ability

*  Improved behaviour and communication in children

*  Increased voice quality and vocal range

*  Better communication, relationships and greater family harmony





Blocked Ear/Sinus
List of customer's blocked ear/sinus testimonials

My problem was that I had a blocked ear, it wasn't blocked all the time, it would just come and go. I couldn't connect it to anything in particular, it would just block up. And nothing that I had attempted made any difference to it whatsoever. So I used Sound Therapy and after I'd listened to the tapes for about 2 to 3 months then within a period of a week it slowly started to clear and by the end of the week it was just totally clear and I hadn't experienced that before.

I think my ear had been blocked for most of my life and I tried a number of things over the last 3 to 4 year and they didn't work. It would block up and get unblocked and I didn't seem to have any control over it. It was only through listening to Sound Therapy every day for at least 3 hours that it started to clear. Sound Therapy really cleared my ear and I feel very liberated by that . I feel like I can sing, which is something that's really important to me and I didn't think that I ever would be able to.

I don't know why it works, I find it a bit of mystery but I like the mystery of it.

Katie Fitzgerald
Sydney, NSW

"When I was in the German army in January 1944, I had an infection of both inner ears and the Eustachian tubes. Because my temperature was only slightly elevated I was given a few Aspros. The greater part of the problem became chronic.

A year later I was a gunner in a light armoured car. During gunnery exercise there was a malfunction in the 2cm. Gun which caused some kind of explosion. Fortunately all the hatches were open, but I had little hearing or sense of balance for a few days.

The result of both incidents was tinnitus with a combination of sounds; a waterfall, ringing and static. My eardrums tended to feel sucked in, quite uncomfortable at times, often I could not pop them out when I blew my nose with nostrils blocked.

In 1979 a sinus condition developed which I blamed on the type of chalk I was using as a teacher. My singing tended to be out of tune. The range of notes became narrower. For many years I suffered from tiredness which I now attribute to some degree to the "low-frequency noise."

In January 1987 I had encephalitis and myelitis endemic to the Murray Valley . At one stage the resulting symptoms were called the M.E. syndrome: chronic lack of energy; diminished long-term and short-term memory, self inflicted stress, pronounced sensitivity to variations in atmospheric conditions.

After two months of Sound Therapy (330 hours) this is my assessment:

Sinus condition has improved gradually and is about 80% better in general.

Eustachian tubes improved about 50%

Left ear, much lighter noise of a higher pitch, almost pleasant compassed with the original noise. Congestion far less, about 70% better.

Right ear; very slight ringing, higher pitch, some congestion left, about 90% better.

Hearing in general has improved. All the sounds are crisper. At the dentist the "new" crisp sound of the drill nearly made me happy.

Singing: during walks along the open road, there is a "resonance space" again in my head, singing is in tune again and I can correct a wrong note

Deep refreshing sleep. Requirements shortened by 1-2 hours.

Energy seems to have increased, I find it easier to start something, have a bit more go.

Memory has improved slightly. Words of some forgotten songs have come back and dialling a phone number is a lot easier.

Generally speaking, I feel that a considerable change has been going on within me and apparently still is."

Hans Wuelfert
Lavington, NSW

"Looking back over past years, I have come to the conclusion that somewhere in my childhood, I closed off my hearing level to a point where the darkness of retreating eventually overcame my ability to want to hear. the time I was 35, I had passed through some of the most disastrous years of my young life. About that time I contracted an industrial disorder where industrial noises repeat in the hearing long after the noise is out of range. Within the next four years, I made an appointment (out of sheer frustration) with a specialist who performed a stapedectomy.

I say categorically, no person should be subjected to this dangerous treatment before being alerted to the alternative treatment which sound therapy provides.

I was always mentally drained, the numbness was still there and there seemed something pressing on the ears which affected my ability to hear. My doctor shrugged his shoulders and said the audio test was the same as that taken about four years ago.

I commenced sound therapy in January 1991. After about 200 hours of listening everyday.I noticed some changes, headaches diminished, tiredness fading, less restless sleep. Shoulder and back pain reduced, posture improved, better sense of direction of sound, improved sense of balance. Hearing improved, fuzzy noises in ears not so apparent.

Previously, trying to talk to a group of people in a room was nearly impossible, and a one on one conversation always brought signs of rejection, when everyone else thought that they were not part of the conversation.

I have now clocked up 444 continuous days for a total of 2043 hours, and now average about 3.5 hours per day. You don't have to be sick to gain benefit. One very noticeable benefit is the correlation between resonance in the voice and the ear. If you can hear better, you can speak better.

Noises in the ear, (by the way aggravated by an operation) at times now reduce to zero. I am not embarrassed by noisy locations, or entering into casual conversation. Sometimes there is pain in the ears, but this soon passes. The reduced need for sleep, about six hours per night, is sufficient and does not interfere with what may have been necessary previously.

Being able to express thought better, do not tire easily - more energy, posture improved, mental alertness, self confidence, better concentration, more relaxed - but alert, some dizziness - soon passes.

There is no doubt in my mind, the findings of Dr. Tomatis are widespread, with outside noise levels discharging our energy and childhood problems being carried into adult life..a great deal of credit must go to Patricia Joudry for her effort in making the treatment available."

K. Joseph Biggs
Burleigh Heads, Queensland

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