Sound Therapy is an outstanding new technology designed for accessibility,  affordability and ease of use. Its potential health benefits are extensive and may include the following effects:

*  New vitality and sense of well being

*  Relief of tiredness and stress

*  Deep relaxation 
    and relief of anxiety

*  Heightened creativity 
    and mental capacity

*  Increased energy, 
    focus and performance

*  Deep, beneficial sleep 
    and an end to insomnia

*  Improved hearing for those with industrial deafness or hearing loss due to aging

*  Relief of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

*  Better balance and recovery from dizziness or vertigo

*  Improved concentration and learning ability

*  Improved behaviour and communication in children

*  Increased voice quality and vocal range

*  Better communication, relationships and greater family harmony





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Living with blocked ear/sinus

We have spoken to many listeners who had a range of problems with blocked ear or sinus. Some people experience frequent clicking and popping in the ears, others have a permanent or intermittent sense of fullness or pressure in the ears. Some have difficulty when they fly or change altitude and find their hearing or balance is affected for some time. Blocked ears may affect hearing or balance, may contribute to tinnitus and often cause disturbance or distraction in hearing ones own voice. This can affect both speaking ability and singing. Chronic sinus problems can also be a cause of blocked ears and can mean constant irritation of the nose and eyes and frequently headaches. Sinus problems may respond to dietary changes, in particular avoiding wheat and dairy products. Even when this is done, our listeners have found that Sound Therapy is an additional support that makes a tremendous difference in helping to relieve long term, chronic sinus problems.

How does Sound Therapy help blocked ear?

The sensation of fullness, blocked ear, or frequent popping and clicking is caused by the inability of the Eustachian tube to open as required. The Eustachian tube connects the air filled chamber of the middle ear with the back of the throat, and is the only way to equalise the air pressure in the middle ear. When the pressure inside the middle ear does not match the air pressure outside the ear drum, the drum cannot vibrate freely as it should, so hearing becomes muffled.

The opening and closing of the Eustachian tube is controlled involuntarily by the hammer muscle, one of the muscles inside the middle ear. If the hammer muscle has become weak or over contracted, it cannot do its job correctly. Sound Therapy exercises and rehabilitates the hammer muscle, restoring its function and making equalization of the middle ear air pressure easy and automatic.

How does Sound Therapy help sinus problems

The sinuses are hollow chambers inside the head lined with mucous membrane. Tensions, swelling and imbalances in the pressure chambers of the ear can exacerbate inflammation of the sinuses. Consistent use of Sound Therapy eases the harmonious working of the various nerves, muscles and pressure chambers that constitute the ear, nose and throat system. There is a good chance therefore that Sound therapy may alleviate chronic sinus problems.

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