Sound Therapy is an outstanding new technology designed for accessibility,  affordability and ease of use. Its potential health benefits are extensive and may include the following effects:

*  New vitality and sense of well being

*  Relief of tiredness and stress

*  Deep relaxation 
    and relief of anxiety

*  Heightened creativity 
    and mental capacity

*  Increased energy, 
    focus and performance

*  Deep, beneficial sleep 
    and an end to insomnia

*  Improved hearing for those with industrial deafness or hearing loss due to aging

*  Relief of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

*  Better balance and recovery from dizziness or vertigo

*  Improved concentration and learning ability

*  Improved behaviour and communication in children

*  Increased voice quality and vocal range

*  Better communication, relationships and greater family harmony





The Founders E-mail

About Rafaele Joudry MSc (Psych.)  

Author, international keynote speaker and founder of Sound Therapy International

Rafaele Joudry is a world leader and educator on Sound Therapy and the discoveries of Dr Tomatis. She has toured Australia, Europe & the USA to educate about the impact of sound upon our health.

Rafaele holds a Masters of Psychology specializing in Sound Therapy. Since founding Sound Therapy International in 1989 Rafaele has authored dozens of articles plus three best-selling books: Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain, Triumph Over Tinnitus and Why Aren’t I Learning? Her books describe the remarkable power of Sound Therapy to improve ear function and brain integration, resulting in beneficial results for numerous conditions.
Educated in England and Canada, and now residing in Australia, Rafaele has a background in social work and community education, which engendered her interest in listening as the foundation of all communication.

Together with her mother, Patricia Joudry, Rafaele pioneered the introduction of Dr Tomatis’s Sound Therapy (or Audio-psycho-phonology) as a portable listening system.  The Joudrys were the first ever to make Sound Therapy accessible to the public, enabling individuals from all walks of life to benefit from Tomatis’s unique discoveries about the ear and brain.
Since 1989 Rafaele has given hundreds of radio and TV appearances and has been interviewed by many leading presenters including ABC’s Tony Delroy and James O'Loghlin of the New Inventors and Kerri-Anne Kennerley. She has been featured on ABC TV, Sunrise Channel 7 and The Today Show on Channel 9.

Rafaele’s personal research included meeting with many of the originators and pioneers of the innovative field of Audio-Psycho-Phonology, during her international travels. She has gathered and collated all the research related to Dr Tomatis’s discoveries.

She has spoken extensively to over 200 community and professional groups including the Tinnitus Association, SHHH groups, self help groups, audiologists, nurses, speech pathologists and music therapists. She has also presented her findings at a variety of health related conferences.

Since 2000 Rafaele has designed and presented international training programs in Sound Therapy to over 200 practitioners covering the history, physiology, acoustics, remedial applications and research background to the Tomatis method. In order to further research into Sound Therapy Rafaele is now leading a team of researchers in allied health fields, who are studying its effects on ear and brain function including such conditions as tinnitus, epilepsy, memory, stress, sleep, learning and depression.

In order to further her work of bringing awareness, hope and solutions to all those suffering from noise related problems, Rafaele is available to speak to professional and community groups. For a highly informative and entertaining meeting please invite Rafaele Joudry for your next group event.

To learn more about their story, read an excerpt from Patricia and Rafaele Joudry's book Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain Chapter 2, Plugged into the Cosmos


About Patricia Joudry 1921 -2000

Patricia Joudry dedicated her life to helping others with their personal and spiritual development through her work.

Born in Spirit River, Alberta, Canada, Patricia carved out a successful career in radio in her twenties. As well as creating serious dramas for the stage she wrote the top rating radio comedy series The Aldrich Family. She then spent some years in England raising a family and devoted herself to esoteric study and more serious writing. Her published works include two novels: The Dweller on the Threshold, and The Selena Tree, two autobiographical books, And the Children Played and Spirit River to Angel's Roost: Religions I have loved and left, and a non-fiction book, Twin Souls, co-authored with Dr. Maurie Pressman. She recently completed her autobiography, My Life as Patricia Joudry, soon to be published.

In 1984 she discovered Sound Therapy and wrote the original book on her discoveries: Sound Therapy for the Walkman. This book has now been up dated and re-released with additions by her daughter, Rafaele Joudry. The new book is entitled: Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge your Brain.

Now in its tenth edition, this is the fascinating story of Patricia's transformation through Sound Therapy.

Due to sound sensitivity, Patricia's life was an obstacle course of fearsome noise. The resulting stress meant chronic exhaustion and years of insomnia. Unexpected events led to the discovery that changed her life. Just a few weeks of Sound Therapy meant peaceful sleep and a new breakthrough in energy she had never dreamed possible. Patricia's self help Sound Therapy has helped thousands and found its way by word of mouth to over 45 countries.

Patricia spent her last years writing and leading a peaceful life in Canada's British Columbia .



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